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Large Market
  • More than 75% of all U.S. consumers indicated that they performed some type of do it yourself ("DIY") service on their vehicle(s) within the past 12 months
  • Approximately $42B was spent in the U.S. last year by DIY consumers who purchased parts and performed repairs themselves
Timely Message
  • We offer our users valuable solutions at the instant guidance is needed
  • Create an impression on customers moments before their purchase decision
  • 56% of consumers report feeling a stronger connection with a brand if they are able to interact with the company through social media
  • An endorsement from CarCareKiosk is sticky and improves response rates
Personalized Experience
  • Users are more receptive to personalized video ads
  • Personalized video ads lead to significantly higher purchase intent
  • Effective personalization must be relevant to the user's activity to be effective
  • CarCareKiosk users are watching videos that are personalized for their car as well as the repair that they want to perform
  • Advertising on CarCareKiosk allows you to personalize your ad for the user's car as well as the user's repair
Premium Platform
  • Our ad integration within videos provides our partners an opportunity to reach large and targeted audiences who are actively engaged
  • With a fast and clean user interface, we enjoy a stellar reputation with our users that generates considerable loyalty for us and our partners
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