Consumer Review Video - 2003 Kia Sorento EX 3.5L V6

Car Displayed: 2003 Kia Sorento EX 3.5L V6

The 2003 Kia Sorento EX is a moderately difficult vehicle to maintain, but shouldn’t be too hard for those experienced in vehicle maintenance. You will have to remove a panel from under the vehicle for access to the drain plug. This will require you to contend with gravity as you complete. Changing the tail light bulb with reliability can be a problem, as it will require more tools than usual in order to completely remove the bulb housing. You will have to lower the tire from under the vehicle for access to it. The lowering mechanism can grow rusted to the vehicle.

Some things are easier on the 2003 Kia Sorento EX. Checking the transmission fluid level is no problem, as the dipstick is easily accessible in the engine bay. Not every model includes this dipstick. Changing the engine air filter is easy to do, as you only have to disengage a few fasteners for access to the filter. These fasteners are easy to disengage. The engine coolant reservoir is easily visible in the engine bay. This will allow you to check and replenish the fluid level on a regular basis.

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