Consumer Review Video - 2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL 3.5L V6

Common problems and easy repairs on a 2008 Ridgeline

The 2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL is a relatively easy vehicle to maintain when compared to other similar models. Checking the transmission fluid level with reliability is no problem, as the dipstick is easily accessible in the engine bay. Changing the headlight bulb is no problem, as you only have to reach behind the housing for access to the assembly. The brake fluid reservoir is easily visible in the engine bay. This will allow you to check and replenish the fluid level on a regular basis.

Some things are problematic on the 2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL. You will have to follow unique steps in order to raise the wiper blade. Other models make this easier. Replacing the center brake light will require the removal of many screws first. The tools necessary may not be readily available for a repair. You will have to lower the glove box for access to the cabin air filter. This would have been easier if there were access panels in the rear of the glove box instead.


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2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL 3.5L V6 Fuse (Interior) Replace

Got a short fuse? Don't blow a fuse, change it!

2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL 3.5L V6 Brake Fluid Check Fluid Level

Stop! Checking your brake fluid from time to time is a great way to ensure safe stopping

2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL 3.5L V6 Oil Check Oil Level

Cars burn, leak and otherwise dispense of their oil. Check your level frequently and top up when necessary

2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL 3.5L V6 Coolant (Antifreeze) Check Coolant Level

Your coolant should perform well under any condition - just like Aaron Rodgers!

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