Consumer Review Video - 2009 BMW 135i 3.0L 6 Cyl. Turbo Coupe

Car Displayed: 2009 BMW 135i 3.0L 6 Cyl. Turbo Coupe

The 2009 BMW 135i is a difficult car to maintain. All of the headlights have complicated access—from tight reaches to wheel well lining removals—which won’t allow for reliable bulb changes. The cabin air filter will be difficult to change, as well, given the multiple bolts that’ll need to be removed and its overall bulky design. Changing the battery may be a problem, too, given its unusual location in the trunk and its hard-to-reach bracket.

However, the 2009 BMW 135i has its upsides. The tail lights are all located in a single bulb assembly behind a single panel in the trunk, neither of which require any tools to remove, and will allow for reliable bulb changes. Monitoring the power steering fluid levels won’t be a problem as its reservoir has very open access. The engine air filter is also quick to find with a housing that’s easy to disengage.

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