Consumer Review Video - 2012 GMC Acadia SLE 3.6L V6

Car Displayed: 2012 GMC Acadia SLE 3.6L V6

The 2012 GMC Acadia SLE is a very difficult car to maintain, and is not recommended to someone who is inexperienced in car maintenance. The battery is difficult to locate and remove on this vehicle. You will find it beneath the seats, and have to use many tools to access with reliability. Accessing the headlight is extremely problematic. It involves the removal of many bolts, linings, and panels and requires many steps to complete. In order to access the reverse light on this vehicle, you will need to use many tools that you may not have readily available for a repair.

Some things are easier on the 2012 GMC Acadia SLE. Both the engine and interior fuse boxes are easy to access on this vehicle. You only have to remove one cover to access either set of fuses, allowing you to troubleshoot electrical problems easily. Checking the oil level is easy to do, as the oil dipstick is easily accessible in the engine bay. The transmission fluid level Is easy to check, as the dipstick is easy to access. Not every model includes this dipstick.

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