Consumer Review Video - 2014 Tesla S Electric

Car Displayed: 2014 Tesla S Electric

The 2014 Tesla S is difficult to maintain. The headlight is a XENON bulb that will require precaution when attempting to change it, and the removal of the wheel well lining won’t make for reliable access. Changing the battery will be a problem as multiple panels must be removed from the frunk before you can reach it. You must engage the wiper blades into their service position before removing them from the wiper arms, which is a tedious set-up.

However, the 2014 Tesla S has some upsides. The cabin air filter is located behind a panel and a cover that removes without the use of tools, allowing for more reliable filter changes. Connecting your phone or setting the clock won’t be a problem thanks to the clear instructions on the touchscreen menu. The OBD plug has unobstructed access that will allow you to connect to it without hassle.

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