Consumer Review Video - 2017 Tesla S 90D Electric

Car Displayed: 2017 Tesla S 90D Electric

The 2017 Tesla S 90D is a very difficult car to maintain and is only recommended to those capable of vehicle maintenance. To change either cabin air filter you will have to remove many fasteners and panels. This will require many tools to complete. You will have to remove multiple panels to reach the engine coolant reservoir with reliability. This can make a quick fluid change a problem. Changing the front wiper blade will require you to follow odd steps to raise the blade, and a tool to remove the blade. Other models won’t require tools for this repair.

Some things are easier on the 2017 Tesla S 90D. Setting the Bluetooth is easy, as there are easy to follow steps in the electronic menu for connecting your phone via Bluetooth. Removing the battery is not too difficult, as the bracket that secures the battery sits right on top of it and removes with ease. The windshield washer fluid reservoir cap is easy to access on this vehicle. Unlike all of the other reservoirs, you won’t need to remove the engine panel for access to the reservoir.

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