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2005-2011 Mercury Mariner Leaking Fluid? How to Determine What Is Leaking

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Video Description

Fluid leaking from your 2008 Mercury Mariner can indicate serious problems or nothing at all - it all depends on what is leaking. Be vigilant with fluid leaks of any type as running your 3.0 liter engine on low or empty fluid of any type can ruin your engine, transmission or other vital (and expensive!) components in your Mariner. The video above will show you how to figure out what type of fluid is leaking from your Mariner. This can be difficult if the fluid is on pavement, so we recommend putting some paper down to better determine the color of the leaking fluid and where it is leaking from.

Remember, fluid leaks in you Mariner may or may not be serious, but it is important to figure out what is leaking and how much.

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