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Chevrolet is an iconic American car brand of GM that competes with Ford, Toyota and other car companies worldwide. Chevy offers a diverse array of cars and trucks in the US. The Silverado is a perennial #2 seller behind the Ford F-150 and its SUV counterparts, the Tahoe and Suburban, are the vanguard of full-size body-on-frame SUVs. Armored Suburbans are often used for protection in presidential motorcades. Powered by Chevrolet small-block V8 engines, these are family haulers and workhorses combined into one vehicle.

In addition to its highly-profitable truck line, Chevrolet offers the Corvette and Camaro - rear-wheel-drive sports cars with powerful V8 engines. Chevy offers a competitive fleet of sedans and SUVs that vary in size, performance and price. From the small Aveo, Spark and Sonic to the mid-size Cruze and Malibu to the full-size Impala, Chevrolet offers competitive models. Chevy SUVs include the Traverse, Equinox and Trax.

Chevrolet is an innovator in electric cars. The GM EV1 was the first mass-produced all electric vehicle launched in 1998. The Chevy Volt and Spark EV are other hybrid and electric offerings from the Chevy.

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