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Ford is a large auto manufacturer based in Dearborn, MI. Credited with inventing the moving assembly line in the early 1900s, Ford was the first company to offer affordable cars with the Model T, which was a huge sales success. Ford now produces vehicles worldwide under the Ford and Lincoln brands.

In addition to the assembly line, Ford is credited with two major industry shifts. Ford invented the muscle car in the 1960s with the Ford Mustang and popularized the SUV in the early 1990s when it introduced the Ford Explorer, which was based off of the Ranger pickup truck platform.

The Ford F150 has long been the most popular vehicle in the U.S. and is a key driver of the Company’s profits. The F-150 is offered in configurations ranging from base V6 work trucks up to the F150 Raptor, which features extra-long suspension travel and a big bore 6.2LV8. The Ford Focus, Fiesta and Fusion are all popular sedans and hatchbacks offered in the U.S. and Europe. The New Mustang is iconic sports car and the Ford Explorer and Escape are high-volume SUVs.

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