Lada is a Russian car manufacturer under that is owned by Renault. The parent to Lada is AvtoVAZ, which originated in the 1960s by the Italian company, Fiat and the Department of Foreign Trade of the Soviet Union.

Original VAZs were ruggedized versions of Fiats (such as the Fiat 124) that were built in Russia and given fortified parts to withstand the rough roads and extreme temperatures of the Soviet winters. Ladas were designed with simple systems and a focus on DIY repairability. While their reputation for quality has waxed and waned over the years, they have maintained a strong ethos of easy repairs. The Lada Niva is known in many countries as the off roader to get.

Lada became a brand under Renault ownership in January 2017 and represents the Company’s more affordable offerings well. The Company has expanded its geographic footprint considerably since its acquisition and Lada sales are expected to grow commensurately.