Lancia is an Italian car company that was started by Fiat race car driver in the early 1900s. The Company was traditionally known for sporty cars such as the Lancia Stratos and Delta, which achieved particular success in rally racing.

While Lancias were known for their beauty, they were also unreliable. By the 1960s, Lancia had become a Company that operated perpetually in the red. Fiat acquired Lancia in 1969 and initially attempted to keep the Lancia marque alive with bespoke models such as the Beta, Gamma and Stratos. Unfortunately, Fiat had significant business challenges of its own and by the 1990s, the Lancia lineup consisted primarily of rebadged Fiats. To add insult to injury, by the early aughts, Lancias were simply rebadged Chryslers in most markets.

Lancia still retains solid brand equity for its previous cars despite its current relatively meager product lineup.