Mercedes-Benz is a German producer of luxury cars and SUVs. With models ranging from the smart Car to the Sprinter Van to the SL500, Mercedes is a diversified auto manufacturer. Whereas Ford is credited with inventing the modern assembly line, Mercedes is credited with creating the gas-powered car. Mercedes was also the first to transition from the tall horseless carriage design to the modern drop chassis (whereby the platform is between the wheels, not above it.)

Mercedes cars of the 1980s and 1990s were mostly shaped like a brick and were primarily rear-wheel drive. In the 2000s, the Mercedes lineup became shapelier and more diverse (but not cheap) – the E and S class sedans were offered with diesel engines and the SUV lineup added models. More cars were offered with AMG performance variants including the shock-and-awe SLS AMG, launched in 2010. Mercedes also services the commercial markets with its Sprinter van series.

With the hallmarks like the C Class and G Wagon and newer models such as the GLX, Mercedes-Benz continues to be a major player in the luxury car market.