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How to Remove and Replace a Squeeze and Flip Wiper Blade

This free video shows how to take off and replace windshield wiper blades that have a squeeze and flip connection. Lift the windshield wiper arm and squeeze the base of the connector and then push up to the plastic latch, then slide the blade down the arm. To replace the windshield wiper blade, squeeze and flip up the top of the connector and slide the blade up the windshield wiper arm. Once the new wiper blade is in place, push the connector down to secure it.

Even if only one wiper is streaking, we recommend that you replace both wiper blades in pairs because the rubber on both blades wears out equally. It is best to replace your wipers once a year, even if you live in an area that doesn't rain often - the sun wears out your wiper blades more than using them to wipe water. Another tip is to scrape off ice and snow from your windshield before using your wipers - the ice has small crystals that cause microscopic slices in the rubber and cause them to wear out faster.


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