Consumer Review Video - 1994 Ford Probe 2.0L 4 Cyl.

Car Displayed: 1994 Ford Probe 2.0L 4 Cyl.

The 1994 Ford Probe is a relatively easy car to maintain, with a few unique repairs that shouldn’t be too hard for the average car owner. Both the engine and interior fuse boxes are easily to access on this vehicle. You only have to remove one cover to get to either set of fuses, allowing you to troubleshoot electrical problems with ease. Changing the front wiper blade is easy to do on this vehicle. Other models will require the use of tools to replace this blade. Checking the brake fluid level is easy to do. The reservoir is quite visible in the engine bay, allowing you to check and replenish the fluid reservoir on a regular basis.

Some aspects of repairing the 1994 Ford Probe are more unique. You will need to remove a cover, and a few screws, in order to access the headlight. This can be tough, as the screws can grow rusted over time. While you won’t need any tools for this, accessing the oil filter can be tough, as you will have to make a tough reach underneath the vehicle for access. In order to replace the air filter, you will need a few tools. Other models make this filter much easier to access and replace.

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