Consumer Review Video - 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS 3.0L V6

Car Displayed: 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS 3.0L V6

The 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS is an easy car to maintain. The headlight and highbeam bulbs are easily accessible by simply reaching behind the bulb housing, allowing for reliable changes when necessary. Changing the tail lights is also a problem-free repair, as most are accessible behind a small panel in the trunk that can be removed with ease. The engine air filter is easy to change, as its housing disconnects without the need for any tools.

However, the 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS has its downsides. The turn signal and fog light bulbs require either the entire bulb housing or extra panels to be removed for access, which won’t allow for reliable changes. The entire glove box housing will need to be removed to access the cabin air filter, which may be problematic to remove. The center brake light is not an LED bulb, and will require more maintenance than similar models.

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