Consumer Review Video - 2010 Ford Fusion SE 2.5L 4 Cyl.

Common problems and easy repairs on a 2010 Fusion

The 2010 Ford Fusion SE is a moderately difficult vehicle to maintain, but not too difficult for those experienced in vehicle maintenance. You will have to remove the air filter housing for access to the headlight on one side. Other models do not require this complicated step. Changing the cabin air filter is difficult, as you will have to lower the glove box for reliable access to it. This would have been easier if there were an access panel instead. The fog light can be a problem to access with reliability. You will have to peel back the wheel well lining for access, which will require many tools as you contend with a difficult lining.

Some things are easier on the 2010 Ford Fusion SE. The components of the spare tire are easily accessible in the rear of the vehicle. This keeps the tire and jack kit ready to go in case of emergency. Checking the transmission fluid level is easy to do, as the dipstick is easily accessible in the engine bay. Not every model includes this dipstick. The engine coolant reservoir is easily visible in the engine bay. This will allow you to check and replenish the fluid level on a regular basis.


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