Consumer Review Video - 2013 Nissan Leaf SL Electric

Common problems and easy repairs on a 2013 Leaf

The 2013 Nissan Leaf SL is a relatively easy vehicle to maintain. The battery terminals and bracket have unobstructed access, which will make for reliable jumpstarts and replacements. Changing the headlights won’t be a problem as all of the bulbs are accessible without the use of tools. Monitoring the brake fluid will be easy to do on account of the open access to the reservoir.

However, the 2013 Nissan Leaf SL does have a few difficulties. Connecting your phone via Bluetooth may be a problem as you’ll have to use voice prompts to do so. Tools will be needed to remove the entire rear bulb housing for access to the tail lights, which won’t allow for reliable bulb changes. The provided compressor kit may not be able to fix a flat tire if it is severely damaged.


Hans Angermeier has produced over 100,000 videos showing drivers how to fix things on their cars. He has broad expertise on basic repair procedures covering the majority of cars on the road.

2013 Nissan Leaf SL Electric Coolant (Antifreeze) Check Coolant Level

Your coolant should perform well under any condition - just like Aaron Rodgers!

2013 Nissan Leaf SL Electric Air Filter (Cabin) Replace

Dirty cabin air filter cause undue wear on your car's heater and AC and can cause bad odors

2013 Nissan Leaf SL Electric Lights Brake Light (replace bulb)

Burnt out brake lights increase your chance of getting rear ended - check and change yours today

2013 Nissan Leaf SL Electric Clock Set Clock

Is the clock in your car ahead or behind? Learn how to set it here!

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