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Cabin Filter Replacement: Buick Century 1997-2005

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Video Description

The cabin air filter in your 2004 Buick Century filters the air that is blown from your heater or air conditioner into the cabin of your Century. You need to change it at least once a year or every 20,000 miles. Replacing the cabin air filter (also know as the dust filter, hvac filter, pollen filter, air conditioner filter and hepa filter) will improve the air quality of your Century, will put less strain on your heating and air conditioning system and can increase your gas mileage. These filters are fairly inexpensive, so check out our parts page for great deals on a new one (tip: buy several - they don't expire and you will be able to quickly swap the old one out for a fresh one).

Not all Buicks have a cabin air filter and for some models, the inclusion of a cabin air filter depends on what trim level you have (Custom). Newer cars are more likely to have a cabin air filter than older models. If your Century has a funky odor when you turn on the heat or air conditioner, or it seems like the fan doesn't work as well as it used to, replacing your cabin air filter is a quick and cheap fix! The video above shows you the cabin air filter location in your Century and how to change it!

Step by Step Instructions for your Buick Century

  1. This is a video on how to replace a cabin air filter for a 2004 Buick Century
  2. First locate the air filter and remove the rivets
  3. Then remove the trim and the panel
  4. Now remove the cabin air filter
  5. Assess the air filter
  6. Now insert the new cabin air filter for a 2004 Buick Century
  7. Next replace the panel and the trim
  8. Finally replace the rivets
  9. Now the replacement of a cabin air filter is complete for a 2004 Buick Century

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