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How to Add Oil Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (2008-2015)

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Video Description

The video above shows you how to add oil to your 2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Before adding oil to your C63 AMG, make sure that your engine was cold and that your car was parked on a level surface when you checked the oil level otherwise you won't be able to tell if your C63 AMG has a low oil level. For most Mercedes-Benzs, if your oil level is at the minimum mark on your dipstick, you should add about a quart of oil. If you are unsure how much oil to add to your C63 AMG, add a little bit at a time and check your dipstick frequently. This video shows you where the oil fill cap is located on your C63 AMG and how to add oil. Adding too much oil to your C63 AMG can be harmful, so it is easiest to add a little at a time.

If you add too much oil to your C63 AMG, you will need to remove some by loosening the drain plug underneath your engine - check out our video on how to change your oil & oil filter to see how to remove the excess oil.

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