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Not all jumper cables are created equally - the thicker the gauge, the faster your car will charge and the longer the cable, the easier it is to position your car for a jump. Battery chargers are the same way - from trickle chargers to mobile jump starters, a trusted brand can be the difference between driving off or calling for a tow!

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Since 1967 DieHard's maintenance-free and long service life batteries have been extremely powerful and reliable. There is a wide range of the newest chargers, inverters, cables, and portable power tools always in stock.

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Peak Performance

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PEAK is a leader in producing mobile jump starters. When they find an unmet need, PEAK responds with a new innovative product that specifically addresses the needs of the customer's call.

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Schumacher Electric

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Founded in 1947, Schumacher was the official supplier for chargers, jumpers, and inverters to NASCAR. Schumacher expertise extends to battery-line wire, litz wire, foil, and more.

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