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Windshield Washer Fluid

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Washer fluid has improved significantly over the years. The fluids available now feature de-icing capabilities, bug shielding protection and beading technology that makes the water bead off the windshield instead of streak.
20/10 Products

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20/10 has produced windshield washer fluid in the US and Canada for over 40 years. The Company's washer fluid offers all season protection down to 0 degrees F and can be diluted with water for summer use. The Company's premium cleaner contains top-quality welling agents and surfactants for optimal visibility.

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Peak Performance

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PEAK Performance is a subsidiary of Old World Industries, which is known for its runway deicing products for airports. The Company leverages its winter weather expertise with three lines of washer fluid including bug cleaner and Deicer with Rain-Off.

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Prestone is one of the industry leaders in antifreeze, but its performance in other product areas is robust. The Company's leverages its expertise in coolant by providing windshield washer fluid that includes both a dirt blocker as well as a de-icer formulations for re-freezing prevention and optimal dirt and salt clearing.

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For 40 years, Rain-X has provided drivers products that supply superior windshield visibility solutions. RainX, a division of ITW Permatex, offers multiple windshield washer fluids including all-season formulations, de-icer and bug removal as well as washer fluid additive for improved beading.

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Why buy a big jug of washer fluid when you can purchase smaller 16oz. washer fluid concentrate and mix it with water depending on your climate? Splash offers washer fluid concentrates as well as pre-mixed formulations for both de-icing as well as bug shields.

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