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Properly functioning lights are critical in preventing accidents. Lighting technology has improved dramatically in recent years - you can buy headlights with extra white or bluish tints or LED turn signal, brake, tail or parking lights and more!

What % of users prefer Bosch?
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Bosch has been an original equipment manufacturer for automotive lighting since 1913. Bosch bulbs feature high luminous intensity and efficiency and guarantee flawless and reliable operation.

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What % of users prefer Eiko?
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Headquartered in Kansas City and in business since 1978, Eiko automotive bulbs are certified green. Eiko's halogen bulbs feature high performance tungsten filaments for a brighter, whiter light.

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What % of users prefer GE?
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A leader in bulb technology, GE bulbs are known for producing a clean white light for increased visibility. Signal bulbs with brighter light and Sport bulbs with blue-white light technology provide better contrast.

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What % of users prefer Hella?
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Working with lights in the USA for almost 30 years, Hella is a leader in new light design. From innovative adaptive front lighting systems to simple turn signal bulbs, Hella is a fantastic choice.

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What % of users prefer Philips?
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Royal Philips Electronics, is a large Dutch company with expertise in healthcare, lifestyle and automotive lighting. Philips automotive bulbs include bulbs that are optimized for low power consumption, white and blue lights and long life.

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What % of users prefer Sylvania?
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Sylvania began making bulbs in 1901 and is now one of the largest light and materials company in the world. Sylvania's bulb expertise can be seen its bulbs that feature exemplary whiteness, brightness and longevity.

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What % of users prefer Wagner?
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Wagner has extensive lighting experience and a reputation for innovation and precision. The Wagner automotive bulb portfolio includes bulbs that are focused on blue light, whiteness, brightness and fit.

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