Consumer Review Video - 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L V6

Common problems and easy repairs on a 2002 Liberty

The 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited is a relatively easy car to maintain. The headlight can be accessed without the use of tools, allowing you to reliably change it whenever necessary. Accessing the battery is no problem, as it requires no cover removal and both the terminals and the brackets are very easy to reach. The engine air filter is also easy to change, as no tools are required to disconnect its housing to access the filter itself.

However, the 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited does have its downsides. The rest of the headlights require tools and panel/housing removals for access to their bulbs, which won’t allow you to change them with reliability. The tail lights will also require tools for access, and the torx bolts that secure their housing may prove problematic to reach. The location of the spare tire could run the risk of it rusting to the vehicle, becoming inaccessible when fixing a flat.


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2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L V6 Windshield Washer Fluid Add Fluid

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2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L V6 Battery Replace

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2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L V6 Oil Check Oil Level

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2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L V6 Lights Daytime Running Light (replace bulb)

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